It comes without saying that your laptop requires a flawless and quality power feed. You have to make sure that your DC jack functions normally and with no hidden interruptions. Unfortunately, people are completely unaware that serious problems can be caused from DC jack failure such as motherboard failure.

Computer Doctor BG has what it takes for the successful and efficient power jack repair tasks in Las Vegas, Nevada. In case you are having some doubts about the functionality of your DC power jack, you should not hesitate even for a moment. Power jack failures can be an introduction to more serious technical issues. Your laptop battery can be damaged and most of the features seriously compromised as a result of the inadequate power supply.

Although, it may seem as a simple problem, which can be easily fixed at a first glance, the things are a little bit more serious and can easily escalate if you fail to treat them accordingly. The simplest way for you to do is to acquire a new power jack.

There are certain serious indications that your DC jack (charging port) cries for a repair work:

  • Your laptop suddenly and randomly switches from battery to AC power
  • Your laptop battery cannot charge with no obvious reason
  • Your laptop power socket (DC jack) and/or power socket adapter has previously been broken or it is loose
  • Your laptop cannot be powered up in the first place no matter what you do with it
  • Your laptop screen backlight is flickering while being charged

For all of these reasons, coming to the Computer Doctor BG shop is a win-win situation. First of all, you will get a free estimate and quote of your power jack related issues. With a fair and precise evaluation, you will get an excellent starting point what needs to be done and how much it is going to cost you. In addition, the solution we will recommend and provide to you will be definitely an affordable one. .

Computer Doctor BG always tries to come up with the optimal solution, which establishes an acceptable balance between the price and proper functionality. Only when we are left with no other choice we are free to recommend you a full replacement of the component. You can rest assured that all components we are using for repair and replacement come from genuine suppliers with proper testing and full compliance certificates. Computer Doctor BG does not use B-grade, no name or second hand components in its work. All of these facts are the strong guarantee for the flawless quality of our work.

With the Computer Doctor BG your power jacks can find the right power.