If your computer or laptop shuts off suddenly and with no warning, it can be an indication of some troubling technical issues. The reasons for this highly annoying problem may vary. It can be due to the following reasons: motherboard failure, cooling system failure, jammed vents, and similar. Whatever may be the cause for these problems do not allow yourself a luxury of watching silently because these problems may escalate into the serious conditions, which could leave you with no choice than to acquire a new motherboard or even laptop.

Computer Doctor BG has the adequate knowledge and rich experience to deal with your computer or laptop overheating issues with great success and efficiency in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has to be emphasized that overheating problems can cause even more severe troubles, if they are not treated adequately and on time. On the one side, your computer and laptop can be permanently damaged by the frequent and sudden shutting off.

Most people are not quite certain how to successfully distinct a serious overheating issue from a common increase of a working temperature. If any of the following symptoms are present, then it is obvious that you are facing an overheating problem of your computer or laptop:

  • Your computer/laptop fan runs loud all the time
  • Your computer/laptop screen is covered with strange lines and colors, which can be a serious indication that your video card overheats itself
  •  Your computer/laptop suddenly freezes itself with no warning or justification
  • Your computer/laptop is suddenly being trapped by the blue screen of death (BSOD)
  •  Your computer/laptop shuts down randomly and suddenly on its own

If you still have certain doubts about your computer or laptop overheating problems, try making an analogy with an overheating of your car engine. This will help you a lot to comprehend adequately the seriousness of the situation you are facing.

There is no excuse for you to hesitate with your visit to our shop as soon as you notice overheating symptoms. Our evaluations and quotes of the overheat computer or laptop repair works are quick, reliable, fair, and above all free of charge. With our prompt response we allow you to calculate your budget and plan your time required for a successful elimination of an overheat problem.

The first thing we will do, in order to handle a computer or laptop overheating problems, is to examine your cooling system. You will be surprised how some issues can be a cause of serious technical difficulties. We will make sure that your computer or laptop vents are properly cleaned or unjammed. In certain cases, we may need to replace your cooling system. Either way, you will receive a notice about all of these operations and ask for your approval.

In some serious cases, hardware failures can be the causes of laptop or computer overheating issues. Our team will make sure that the true source of trouble is properly identified and that the right solution is being provided.

Computer Doctor BG cools down your computer or laptop.