Our component level motherboard repair services are available to repair laptop motherboards that are no longer powering on, have suffered liquid damage or have been dropped. In most cases our highly skilled technicians can fix the motherboard rather than simply replacing it – this often cuts the cost of the repair as much as 50%.

We are proud to say that we are one of the few computer repair shops in the Las Vegas Nevada that provides motherboard repair services. You can fully confide in us and our work and be certain that we will do our best to fix your laptop motherboard. The knowledge we have gained from our experience enables us quickly and reliably to diagnose the true source of your laptop motherboard issues such as: no power, no charging battery, no video, no backlight, no USB devices detected, no sound device, no hard drive, no keyboard, no touchpad, no WiFi, no Bluetooth detected, and etc.Motherboard is the heart and soul of your computer or laptop. This is the most important and at the same time most expensive component of your device. As soon as you notice that something is wrong with your motherboard you should look for a professional help. Remember that motherboard issues are not something you can Google-about and try to fix yourself. Motherboard repair requires highly professional knowledge and soldering skills.

 The following list will give you an indication when your motherboard is about to fully fail:

  •  Your computer/laptop powers up, but it is not booting up to the OS
  • Unusual graphics occurrences such as strange lines or blurred colors over your screen
  • You cannot turn on your computer/laptop no matter what you do
  • There is no display on your computer/laptop
  • Your computer/laptop shuts down suddenly and randomly without a justifiable reason
  • Your computer/laptop easily overheats itself
  • You see a BIOS error when you start your computer/laptop
  • Your computer/laptop freezes with a blue screen on your display
  • Your computer/laptop randomly and suddenly restarts or crashes all by itself
  • Your computer/laptop starts up with a distracting beeping sound

As soon as you become aware that any of these symptoms occur, you should contact and visit us immediately. Computer Doctor BG will come up with a solution which will be budget friendly for your current situation.

As soon as we come up with a fair and precise cost and time estimate, we will suggest you the best possible solution for your motherboard issue. Our primary goal will be to try fixing your motherboard. Only if we are absolutely certain that is impossible to repair your motherboard, we will suggest you a replacement option. You can rest assured that in both types of repair and replacement we will use only the genuine components that are fully compatible with your computer or laptop.