When your computer or laptop does not power up, the leading cause is a motherboard or DC Jack failure. Computer Doctor BG prides itself as being one of the only repair stores in Las Vegas, Nevada where you can expect a professional motherboard component level repair. The expertise we have gained from over a decade experience enable us quickly and reliably to solve motherboard failure problems. Before contemplating about getting a brand new and expensive motherboard, come see us and receive a professional and reliable motherboard component repair service.

Your worst nightmare has come true. Your computer or laptop does not give any signs of life. You are terrified and feel completely paralyzed. What should you do next? Well, you should call a doctor to cure your computer or laptop. Computer Doctor BG brings your computer or laptop back to life while providing no power repairs in Las Vegas, Nevada. Do not ask Google what is wrong with your device. Instead, you should go straight to us, because our evaluations are quick and free of charge.

Our analysis of your computer or laptop “no power” issues starts with the identification of the cause. In some cases the reason for your technical difficulties can be a particular physical damage or liquid damage. On the other hand, a motherboard failure is to be blamed for preventing you to use your computer or laptop.

We just cannot stress enough how important for you is to get a fair and precise estimate when a motherboard failure is the primary cause for your computer or laptop “no power” troubles. Computer Doctor BG gives you even more than that. Our evaluations of the cost and time required for no power repair work in Las Vegas, Nevada always come for free. We always try to deliver a solution, which is the least expensive and the most efficient for our customers. When you come to us bringing your device, you can be certain that our priority is to find a solution to your problem in the least expensive way and the most affordable solutions for our customers

The motherboard is the most essential part of a computer or laptop. Acquiring a new device after a catastrophic failure is the easiest thing you can do, however it could be very expensive way to fix the problem. Computer Doctor BG is one of the only computer repair stores in Las Vegas, Nevada that has specialists who can provide you with a solution to actually fix the damaged motherboard. While other repair stores will ask you to purchase a brand new motherboard, we are the top leading repair store that offers component level repair of laptop motherboards.. Our motherboard repair services ensure that you will get the flawless functionality and optimal efficiency of your motherboard. Therefore, we will conduct magic if we have to in order to repair your motherboard successfully. Replacement is always our last resort, and only available if there is really nothing else to be done.