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Offering an extensive support on both Mac and PC platform has given us the expertise necessary to efficiently diagnose and repair any hardware or software issue that you may encounter.

Apple Repair Services

Computer Doctor BG is proud to be an Apple Authorized Service Provider(AASP) in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada. We handle ALL Apple Mac & iOS products and have the unique position of offering extensive support on both warranty and out of warranty Apple devices. We are fully specialized in providing top professional and efficient Apple repair services. We go beyond the services provided in the Apple Stores (Genius Bar) and offer to the Apple customers services such as: data recovery, upgrades, software and hardware support for obsolete Mac computers, installation and support of 3rd party software, component level repairs, and severe physical damage.


Computer Repair Services

Computer Doctor BG has over 15 years of experience providing highly successful, efficient and reliable computer repair services in Las Vegas, Nevada. In our work we apply only the highest professional standards followed by the impeccable working ethics and indisputable discretion. We only use the original and trusted brand name elements of our repair work. Our certified technicians are capable of diagnosing any hardware or software issue you may have. Bring your computer or laptop to us for a estimate and speak to one of our certified technicians about how we can help.

About Computer Doctor BG

Today Computer Doctor BG has an established reputation as an elite and professional computer repair business providing complicated and unique repair services to the Las Vegas and the whole United States. The company has reached a level of expertise that is not only recognized by our individual clients, but by the most known and prestigious company Apple.Inc. Computer Doctor BG is the only company in Las Vegas to be accredited as an Apple Authorized Service Provider that servicing all Apple devices.

Computer Doctor BG’s strength lies with our expertise in the computer and Apple world. We have been following the technological progress in this field for the last twenty years each step of the way.

We have positioned ourselves as one of the most trusted names in the industry, which is evident by our five stars customer reviews on Yelp and Google. We feel comfortable about fixing any potential problem your computer or laptop may have. Put our good name and flawless reputation to the real test.