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 We understand that getting ESSENTIAL devices repaired is more crucial than ever during these challenging times. We are operating with limited hours and safety measures in place. If you believe your device is not essential to you please hold off on the repair.

 Computer doctor BG would like to inform you that we remain open by appointment only on a curbside pick up/ drop off, You can also opt to mail-in  the device or we may come to you and pickup/ drop it off ( additional fee will apply). We will be servicing MAC and PC devices only ( desktops and laptops, no custom builds towers). We won’t be able to service iOS devices( iPhone, iPad, Watch, Beats, Airpods) at this time.

 Our stores doors are locked, Once you park in front of the store please give us a call, so we can come to pick up your device.


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Data Recovery Service

Advanced, Reputable Data Recovery in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

Data Recovery


We can recover data when the computer is unable to function normally, Operating System (OS) crashed, missing or partition is Corrupted.


  • Computer/Laptop won’t boot
  • Blue Screen or Spin-Wheel
  • Unmountable Mac Volume
  • Missing Boot Files
  • OS crashed or missing
  • Corrupted MTF, partition tables
  • Unidentified Drive Volume

Data Recovery


Data recovery from failing hard disc drives or data has been accidentally deleted.


  • Drive data is not accessible
  • Corrupted partition
  • Accidentally formatted
  • Files have been deleted
  • Drive won’t mount or reaching the data is too slow,crashes, freezes.
  • Hard drive has bad sectors
  • Exceeded SMART errors

Data Recovery


Data recovery from failing hard disc drives or data has been accidentally deleted.

  • Drive data is not accessible
  • Corrupted partition
  • Accidentally formatted
  • Files have been deleted
  • Drive won’t mount or reaching the data is too slow,crashes, freezes.
  • Hard drive has bad sectors
  • Exceeded SMART errors

Data Recovery

Why do I need profesional service

We are fully specialized in advanced data recovery services and having the highest success rate in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. We are able to restore lost, erased data or simply recover data from not working hard disk drives. We are capable to recover data from Mechanical Hard disk drives SSD, USB flash drive, memory cards, or external usb backup hard drives. We are using a professional proprietary hardware tools that is specifically designed to gain access and recover data from failing and degraded hard drives.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data recoverable?

In many instances, yes. If a hard drive has experienced mechanical failure (Clicking, Grinding noices) you need the experience and expertise of a professional data recovery service to recover your data. Like other mechanical components, hard drives are subject to mechanical failure over time. It is not a question of if your hard drive will fail, but When.

How much Data recovery cost?

 The cost of data recovery is driven by two main factors the nature of the failure logic or mechanical, and the total storaged infomation on the device. It’s hard to determine the cost of data recovery and give you a proper estimate witout taking the hard drive for diagnostics. The first step of the data recovery process is to evaluate the damage on your hard disk drive and then give you an estimate.

Can I try to recover the data by myself ?

Standard computers (PC or Mac) are designed to work with overall good hard drives as a main goal. In order to operate reliably and predictably regular computers work with hard drives only in strict standards. Degrading or failing hard drives connected to a regular computer will cause a crash, freeze, reboot, connection drop, or other similar issues which will result significantly lower the chance for further professional data recovery.

Can I try to recover the data by using data recovery software ?

Software recovery applications do not have the necessary control over the hard drive to do any kind of read instability handling. As a result without the exclusive access to the drive every attempt to read a file that falls on a bad sector takes a long time which causes further physical degradation of the drive, head failures, risk of firmware corruption and significantly lower the chance for further professional  data recovery.


How do I know what you have recovered ?

First we send you a small file as a report ( snapshot) of the files and directories that we have been able to get access and recover. After your approval we finalize a payment for the data recovery service and start transferring the data.

How I will get of my files back?

If the drive is recoverable, all uncorrupted files from undamaged sectors of the drive will be retrieved. If there are specific files that you need, you should let us know so that we can verify whether they have been uncorrupted. In some specific cases of data recovery and the severity of the failure we might be able to perform only a RAW file recovery. 

Where can I get my data back ?

 It is your personal preference where your data will be transfered. Your choice can be an external hard drive ,a flash drive, to a new PC/Mac, or to your repaired Mac/PC if we are also replacing your hard drive. If we are transfering your recovered data into your Mac/ PC, we try to make your data look as close as possible to how it did before the drive failed.


Does AppleCare or Apple Warratny cover data recovery ?

Data recovery is not covered by AppleCare or Apple one year limited warranty on your Mac.  AppleCare does cover only the replacement of the hard drive but not the data. We can recover your data as an independant contractor and then replace your drive under AppleCare or warranty.

Our Commitment

Get it Done, Right

We treat our customers with a sense of emphaty, professionalism, and urgency. We value every customer problem as an opportunity to excel.

Professional Repairs

We exceed customers expectations by offering proper diagnosis, reliable repairs, and fast turnaround. We conduct reapairs with a professional team of certified technicians.

Our Guarantee

We use Genuine parts. We provide is 90 days warranty for Apple hardware repairs and  is 30 days for PC repairs.

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