Free Assessment

Are you having problems with your iMac, and you do not know where to go or seek help? Look no further, Computer Doctor BG is your iMac sanctuary! We are proud to be an Apple Authorized Service Provider that performs all one year limited warranty and AppleCare protection plan for iMac Our Apple Certified Technicians(ACMT) have the necessary training, knowledge and experience to solve all software and hardware related issues for out-of-warranty iMac. In addition to the services that all Apple Stores can provide to you, we also possess the expertise to service problems that the Apple Stores do not. Bring your iMac to us for a free estimate and speak to one of our Apple Certified technicians about how we can help!

AppleCare Warranty Service

AppleCareIs your iMac covered under warranty?

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider we perform all iMac standard one year limited warranty, AppleCare warranty repairs and iMac covered by extended warranty replacement programs free of charge. One of the best benefit coming to Computer Doctor BG is saving time and giving you a great alternative to schedule an appointment and avoid waiting in long lines at the Apple Store. We have a team of trained Certified Apple experts ready to inspect, assess, and recommend the best solution for you.

Out of Warranty Repair

Is your iMac out of warranty? Whatever the issue is – your iMac has no power, has lines on the display, needs a new display, has a bad hard drive, optical drive, logic board, battery, trackpad or keyboard that needs to be replaced or you have other issue, Computer Doctor BG has got you covered at a fair price and quickest turnaround. We specialize in repairs that are rarely offered by most other service providers such as: liquid spills, component level repairs, and severe physical damage. Our Apple Certified experts’ knowledge allows us to quickly inspect, assess and recommend repairs, saving you valuable time and money. We provide a full range of iMac repairs, upgrades, and replacement services with convenient hours.

Data Recovery

Computer Doctor BG  Data Recovery Service covers drives with no discernible physical hardware failure but the data on the drive is corrupt, missing, or inaccessible otherwise. Our skilled Technicians have the knowledge and experience to recover a wide range of failed any mass storage device – hard drive, SSD drive, USB flash drive (thumb drive), compact flash, SD card, and others. While Computer Doctor BG specializes in Mac repair services and data recovery, we can recover data from Windows and Linux storage devices as well. 

If we are unable to recover your data using our cost effective, non-invasive recovery techniques, we will refer you to our partner for Advanced Data Recovery.


If you need more from your iMac and aren’t ready to invest in a new machine then upgrading your current machine is your best option. Our staff will access the current status of your machine and advise you on any possible grades to help meet your needs. We will install any necessary components that will improve your iMac overall performance and flawless work. Our certifications and knowledge allow us to provide you with the utmost care and precision when we are replacing the external or internal components of your iMac. When it comes to your iMac upgrades we guarantee that the service will be performed by our Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians at Computer Doctor BG.